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Love Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is all about wellness.
A holistic therapy that promotes harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Pamper yourself or someone you love with an exclusive membership in our
Aromatherapy Monthly Club

Scent of the Month Gift Club


Each month we deliver a monthly shipment consisting of two or three aromatherapy items.

One will be an essential oil or synergistic blend, the others, aromatherapeutic spa formulas designed to restore balance and beautify the skin. We also include aromatherapy candles , incense and more. We offer unique, high quality, natural products to allow our members to experience true Aromatherapy. What sets this gift of the month club apart from others is education. We believe in educating the consumer. Each month's aromatherapy shipment comes complete with instructions, suggested uses, and recipes. We are always available to answer questions about our products.

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Club Benefits

  • 10% off Aroma Thyme products.
  • Free Shipping on products ordered. (International may be extra.)
  • Referral Program - Refer a friend and receive a free month.

    Bergamot Essential Oil

     Botanical name Citrus aur. bergamia/wildcrafted from Italy
    A top note in aromatherapy this oil is cheerful and uplifting, often used in clinics in Europe to treat depression.
    Create a synergy with Lime and Bergamot for a blend that's even more effective for depression.
    Bergamot is second only to Lavender in it's ability to relax brain waves when sniffed. Bergamot oil
    is sometimes inhaled to reduce anxiety during radiation treatment.
    Tip- sniff directly from the bottle.

    Refreshingly fruity with just a touch of spice. Unique among citrus oils due to its ability to be both uplifting and calming,
    making it ideal to help with anxious and sad feelings.
    Bergamot is everyone’s best friend: this oil plays nicely with just about everyone it meets,
    including citrus oils like grapefruit and lemon, and floral scents like lavender and ylang ylang.

    Aroma Pillow Mist

    Aroma Mister The Aroma Mister uses the method of "Aerial Diffusion" to create a new kind of aromatic experience of sensitively combined Essential Oils, Aromatic Plant Compounds and Flower Essences. Releases mental chatter, liberates the imprisoned mind, and unblocks worry and rigidity. As you disconnect from everyday life the calm returns to usher in the serenity. Spray around self, pillow and area of sleep for best results. Contains Grain Alcohol, Distilled Water, Essential Oils of: Lavender, Tangerine, Peru Balsam and the Beautiful Flower Essences chosen are those of which support the vibrational frequencies of REST PEACE, and TRANQUILITY.

    Aroma Cap

    The Aroma-Cap™ coverts any essential oil bottle into a diffuser. 
    Each package contains three Aroma-Caps™ and two adjustable clips that can clip directly into your car vent, home fan, window blind, etc.
    Simply remove the lid and orifice reducer from your essential oil bottle and replace it with the Aroma-Cap™.
    Add up to 16 drops of essential oil onto the top of the Aroma-Cap™. The oil makes its way through the vents in the top and is absorbed into the natural fiber filament  inside. The natural fiber filament technology allows the aroma of the essential oil to slowly release. Now you can enjoy your essential oils directly on top of your bottle.

    Join Now!
    Call us Toll Free at 1-888-Aroma 99 or use our secure shopping cart below.
    Outside US please call 707-276-6299.

    All this for just $19.95/month (US dollars) International Shipping slightly higher.
    Conveniently charged each month to your Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover card.
    You may also pay by Pay Pal or money order.

    Email Us for more information. Makes a great gift, Satisfaction guaranteed!

    We also offer a wonderful Start up kit (this is optional) featuring Eight "Scent-sational" products for only $55.95 ( a $65.00 value) with free shipping. (International slightly more). This is a great way to learn how to create your own bath and body treatments. We will be in touch with you to confirm your Club Membership as soon as we get your order.

    Start-up Kit
    includes the following items:

    • Unscented Bath Salts 8 oz.
      Learn how to create your own scented bath salts. Enough for eight baths.

    • Unscented Lotion 8 oz.
      Learn how to create your own scented lotions.
      Comes with eight 1 oz. plastic bottles. Enough to make eight 1 oz. lotions.

    • Unscented Massage Oil (Sweet Almond Oil)8 oz.
      Learn how to create your own scented massage oils . Comes with four 2 oz. plastic bottles enough to make four 2 oz. massage/body/bath oils.

    • 1 oz. Unscented Moisturizing Mist with fine mist spray bottle
      Create your own Aromatherapy Mist.

    • Oasis Aroma Lamp

    • Lavender 10 ml, great for stress relief, insomnia, nervous tension, very calming in the bath. The Universal Oil.

      Aromatherapy Tips

Join Now! Call us Toll Free at 888-276-6299 Outside US please call 707-276-6299

Email for questions or more information.
Makes a great gift, Satisfaction guaranteed!

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